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Our Pet Turf

After installing hundred’s of thousands of square feet of pet turf for many homeowners in Paradise Valley and their dogs we have noticed our customers tend to focus on 3 details; durability, odors and heat. That’s why we install our pet turf a little differently than our competitors, we go above and beyond to install the best pet turf for you and your dogs.

Pet Turf Details

Very Durable

It is important to pick an extremely durable grass for pet turf installations. Our pet turf has a rigid blade that stays upright longer and a dual backing that prevents turf blades from being pulled out.

Doesn't Smell

If you have ever witnessed a smelly turf area it is most likely due to improper installation and improper materials. Our pet turf is filled with Microban to prevent bacteria and odors while having a permeable backing to promote urine drainage.

Stays Cool

In Paradise Valley many of our pet turf customers are concerned about installing pet turf that is comfortable for their dogs in the summer. Our pet turf stays about 15% cooler than other pet turf on the market. This can make a huge difference when its 115 degrees out!

Why Pick Apex Turf

Experienced in Pet Turf

Pet Turf installations require different methods and different products than regular turf. It is important you pick a knowledgeable pet turf installer otherwise you might be left with a stinky yard.

Highly Rated

We take pride in more than just our workmanship. We realize that customer service & communication is also very important to our customers. We like to let our reviews speak for themself. We are a 5-Star rated Pet Turf Installer in Paradise Valley.

Open Book Estimates

We understand that pet turf installations in Paradise Valley are very competitive. We want to bring you quality materials and workmanship at a fair price every time. So fair that we will even show you our costs and profit margins.

The Highest Rated Pet Turf Installer in Paradise Valley, AZ

Amy Cheng
Amy Cheng
May 23, 2023
No need to look elsewhere. Apex turf did an amazing job. I love my backyard with artificial grass finishes touch and I already have so much compliments from my family and friends. Thanks to Kile and his crews, specially Kile, very professional and know his stuff.
May 12, 2023
Kile and his crew were a “cut above” all other bids! Apex Turf is the most knowledgeable of types, durability and reliability of artificial turf by far! His bid was specific, line by line, explaining everything exactly. His crews were prompt, efficient, and very professional. After 4 bids, one clear winner! Their attention to detail, customer service, and integrity backs up everything they say. I loved that he gave us references for jobs recently done so we could see for ourselves. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else! Just hire them, you can’t go wrong! Highly recommend! Our puppy loves it!
Scott Lydy
Scott Lydy
May 8, 2023
Kile did a tremendous job for us by installing over 20,000 sq feet of turf for our baseball/softball infield. He was courteous, professional, on time, and available to help us with any questions we had. His installers did a great job with preparing the surface prior to the installation and great job with the seams and the cuts. We would recommend Kile and his crews.
Beth Jordan
Beth Jordan
May 5, 2023
Kyle, Wes and the crew were so professional and provided quality work in a timely manner and it was very cost efficient! 10/10 recommend them for turf installation! Before and after photos!
Mark Leo
Mark Leo
May 2, 2023
Kile’s professionalism was a key factor in choosing Apex for the job. He gave an honest quote, responded to all my questions in the same day, and the work was done one day ahead of schedule. The turf looks great and we are quite happy with it.
Cole Woodward
Cole Woodward
April 30, 2023
This company is unbelievable! Kile is the most hands on responsive person, his team and himself were beyond professional and did an amazing job with our backyard. I would recommend Kile and his team to anyone that needs artificial turf in Scottsdale!
Chelsea & Corey Goldstein
Chelsea & Corey Goldstein
April 28, 2023
These guys know what they’re talking about, not only did they helped us through the landscaping design process and they even showed us the different options to choose from. Pricing was very reasonable and communication is above and beyond!
Christy Boston
Christy Boston
April 28, 2023
Apex Turf just installed turf in my Chandler home and it looks fabulous. Kile was so great to work with, he was always available to answer questions, very professional and friendly and very knowledgeable about the products he was installing. As for his team, Wes and the crew were great, they were here on time, professional and did a fantastic job. My yard was a mess, I didn't think they could do what they did in the time they said they would do it, but they DID and it looks great. They were by far the best price and I cant imagine anyone else turning my yard into the beautiful space that I now have. I would highly recommend Kile and his team. Thanks Kile & crew for a job very well done.
Mark Licandro
Mark Licandro
April 20, 2023
Kile and team were fantastic - very responsive, great work and at a good price. They took great care of the area and the clean up after was a really nice touch.
Marc Sylvester
Marc Sylvester
April 20, 2023
Apex Turf just completed our Turf installation. The team was very prompt, professional and good at what they do. We absolutely love the results of the turf and look forward to enjoying it. Highly recommend Kile, Wes, and the Team at Apex.

Arizona's #1 Pet Turf

Paradise Valley Pet Turf  Questions

What Makes artificial grass “Pet-friendly” in Paradise Valley?

If you are a homeowner in Paradise Valley and are considering installing artificial grass in an area used by dogs you need to consider 2 things. The most important factors that make pet turf suitable for dogs is durability and odors. You will want an extremely durable grass that will withstand dogs but also something that does not smell during the hot Paradise Valley summers.

What makes pet turf durable?

If you are looking for pet turf in Paradise Valley you will want to make sure your pet turf is extremely durable, especially if you have medium to large sized dogs. Artificial grass is very similar to carpet in a few ways. Pile height is the height of the pet turf blades. Pet turf is typically around 1” tall. This short blade is thicker, stiffer and stronger to prevent matting or laying down. The shape of the blade along with the thickness is what gives pet turf its durability.

How do I prevent urine odors in my pet turf installation in Paradise Valley?

One of the biggest concerns homeowners in Paradise Valley, AZ have when installing pet turf is urine odors. In Paradise Valley, our summers can get extremely hot. Urine odors tend to smell more in the summer months so it is very important you choose the right installer and products for your pet turf.
There are 3 main factors to keeping urine odors away from your pet turf. The first step is to install the turf without an underlayment. Some companies will install a weed fabric or black plastic sheet under the grass to prevent weeds and grass from growing through. This is only needed if the grass is not properly treated and removed before the installation of the pet turf. The problem with a fabric underneath your pet turf is that it will trap and impede urine from draining.

The second thing to consider is using a grass coated in Microban. Microban is antibacterial and antimicrobial. This coating will prevent the growth of bacteria on your artificial grass.

The third step to preventing pet turf odors is to use the correct infill. Sand is the most common infill for artificial grass but is the wrong type for pet turf. Sand will absorb all the pet urine and make it hard to clean in the future. We recommend using a product called Envirofill. Envirofill is a green, non-absorbent bead that is also coated in Microban. This bead is much easier to clean than sand and will also prevent the build up of bacteria over time.

Does your pet turf stay cool?

In Arizona we understand how important it is to provide a comfortable area for your pets to walk on in the Arizona summer. Our pet turf has a built in cooling technology to keep it about 15% cooler than other artificial turf’s without it. In addition, we have an infill option than can increase the cooling power of your turf by almost 40%.

How much does pet turf cost in Paradise Valley, AZ?

On average, we are seeing homeowners paying around $8-9/ sq ft for a true pet turf installation in Paradise Valley, AZ. What this includes is a high-quality turf that is durable and coated in Microban, a 100% infill ratio of Envirofill and all the prep/demo and installation of all materials.

How is pet turf installed in Paradise Valley, AZ?

Installing Pet Turf is a multi-step process. We need to treat the grass at least 3 weeks prior to the date of the install. This will ensure that we do not have to use a weed fabric under the grass during the installation process. The day of the install, we will remove all the real grass, terminate your sprinkler system, bring our base material in and install our pet turf. The Envirofill is the last step of the process. We will broom this infill into the pet turf after the artificial grass is secured to the ground. We will hose off the pet turf area and clean the street up after the install. Once we leave, your new pet turf is available to use immediately.

How do I clean my pet turf?

To clean your pet turf of debris such as leaves and sticks we recommend using a leaf blower or a rake. Unfortunately, you will still have to pick up the doo-doo! You can use a pooper scooper or a bag to pick up pet waste. It is recommended to get a heavy duty sanitization and rejuvenation every 3-6 months. This will keep odors away, keep diseases such as Parvo away and keep your grass looking its best for years to come

How do I maintain my pet turf?

We want to set realistic expectations on every turf installation. Pet turf is not maintenance free, but it is very little maintenance. We recommend removing debris and pet waste on a frequent basis. Pet waste is best removed by either picking it up by hand or with a pooper scooper. To remove debris such as leaves or sticks from your pet turf we recommend using a leaf blower, rake or picking up by hand. The sooner and more frequent you remove debris, the easier it is.

Does the city of Paradise Valley offer rebates for Pet Turf installation?

Yes, the City of Paradise Valley will actually rebate certain pet turf installations. The City of Paradise Valley is currently offering $200 per 1000 square feet of real grass being converted to artificial grass.

Do I need a permit to install pet turf in Paradise Valley?

No, permits are not currently required by the City for pet turf installations in Paradise Valley. Although the city may not require a permit if you live in an HOA that may require a submittal. It is always wise to check with your HOA on their pet turf requirements if they have any.

Do I need to hose my pet turf off?

We recommend using Wysi-wash to prevent bacteria and urine odors from building up on your pet turf. Wysi-wash is quick and easy to use. The frequency in which you should wash your grass off is dependent on your installation. If you have thousands of feet of turf and 1 small dog you may never need to wash your grass off. If you have a tiny backyard with 3 large dogs, you may find yourself washing off your turf more frequently. By using the proper products with a great installation, this will set you up for an easy, low maintenance pet turf area.

Why does my pet turf smell?

If your pet turf smells, it is probably a combination of improper materials, improper installation or a lack of maintenance. The correct pet turf installation should be easy to rid of odors. If you live in Paradise Valley and have existing turf that smells bad, give us a call and we will be happy to give you a free consultation.

Does Apex Turf install pet turf in Paradise Valley?

Apex Turf can meet and exceed your needs for pet-friendly artificial grass installations in Paradise Valley, AZ, and other nearby cities. Apex Turf serves the following Paradise Valley zip codes; 85250, and 85253.

How long should my pet turf last?

Many homeowners in Paradise Valley are concerned about the life span of their new pet turf. When installed properly with the proper high-quality materials pet turf owners should expect to see 15+ years of usable life from their pet turf. All of our pet turf installation in Paradise Valley are warrantied for 15 years.

Is pet turf safe for dogs?

Long story short, yes. Pet turf in Paradise Valley is safe for dogs when using the proper materials and installation methods. The polyethylene composition of the turf is non-toxic and lead free. All of our turf is certified non-toxic and lead free. MSDS sheets are available upon request.

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