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Our Putting Greens

After installing hundred’s of thousands of square feet of putting greens for many homeowners in Avondale we have noticed our customers tend to focus on 3 details; how fun they are, how long they last and how they look. That’s why we install our putting green turf a little differently than our competitors, we go above and beyond to install the best putting green for you.

Putting Green Details


Casual or Serious

Whether you are a casual golfer or very experienced we have 2 different putting green types for your specific needs. During a free consultation we will determine the right type of putting green for you.

Long Lasting

Putting greens can be a costly
investment and this is why it is important that it stands up to the test of time. With proper
maintenance and materials your putting green should last 15 or more years

Looks Realistic

It is our job to give you the most realistic putting green possible when it comes to the roll, bounce and look. We can use different materials to create the most realistic looking and feeling putting green possible.

Why Pick Apex Turf

putting green in a yard

Experienced in Putting Greens

Putting Green installations are an art of their own and are unlike normal turf installations. If you are in Avondale, AZ and looking to install a putting green in your backyard, make sure you pick a company with plenty of putting green specific experience.

Highly Rated

We take pride in more than just our workmanship. We realize that customer service & communication is also very important to our customers. We like to let our reviews speak for themself. We are a 5-Star rated putting greens installer in Avondale, AZ.

Open Book Estimates

We understand that Putting Greens installations in Avondale, AZ are very competitive. We want to bring you quality materials and workmanship at a fair price every time. So fair that we will even show you our costs and profit margins.

The Highest Rated Putting Green Installer in Avondale, AZ

Amy Cheng
Amy Cheng
May 23, 2023
No need to look elsewhere. Apex turf did an amazing job. I love my backyard with artificial grass finishes touch and I already have so much compliments from my family and friends. Thanks to Kile and his crews, specially Kile, very professional and know his stuff.
May 12, 2023
Kile and his crew were a “cut above” all other bids! Apex Turf is the most knowledgeable of types, durability and reliability of artificial turf by far! His bid was specific, line by line, explaining everything exactly. His crews were prompt, efficient, and very professional. After 4 bids, one clear winner! Their attention to detail, customer service, and integrity backs up everything they say. I loved that he gave us references for jobs recently done so we could see for ourselves. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else! Just hire them, you can’t go wrong! Highly recommend! Our puppy loves it!
Scott Lydy
Scott Lydy
May 8, 2023
Kile did a tremendous job for us by installing over 20,000 sq feet of turf for our baseball/softball infield. He was courteous, professional, on time, and available to help us with any questions we had. His installers did a great job with preparing the surface prior to the installation and great job with the seams and the cuts. We would recommend Kile and his crews.
Beth Jordan
Beth Jordan
May 5, 2023
Kyle, Wes and the crew were so professional and provided quality work in a timely manner and it was very cost efficient! 10/10 recommend them for turf installation! Before and after photos!
Mark Leo
Mark Leo
May 2, 2023
Kile’s professionalism was a key factor in choosing Apex for the job. He gave an honest quote, responded to all my questions in the same day, and the work was done one day ahead of schedule. The turf looks great and we are quite happy with it.
Cole Woodward
Cole Woodward
April 30, 2023
This company is unbelievable! Kile is the most hands on responsive person, his team and himself were beyond professional and did an amazing job with our backyard. I would recommend Kile and his team to anyone that needs artificial turf in Scottsdale!
Chelsea & Corey Goldstein
Chelsea & Corey Goldstein
April 28, 2023
These guys know what they’re talking about, not only did they helped us through the landscaping design process and they even showed us the different options to choose from. Pricing was very reasonable and communication is above and beyond!
Christy Boston
Christy Boston
April 28, 2023
Apex Turf just installed turf in my Chandler home and it looks fabulous. Kile was so great to work with, he was always available to answer questions, very professional and friendly and very knowledgeable about the products he was installing. As for his team, Wes and the crew were great, they were here on time, professional and did a fantastic job. My yard was a mess, I didn't think they could do what they did in the time they said they would do it, but they DID and it looks great. They were by far the best price and I cant imagine anyone else turning my yard into the beautiful space that I now have. I would highly recommend Kile and his team. Thanks Kile & crew for a job very well done.
Mark Licandro
Mark Licandro
April 20, 2023
Kile and team were fantastic - very responsive, great work and at a good price. They took great care of the area and the clean up after was a really nice touch.
Marc Sylvester
Marc Sylvester
April 20, 2023
Apex Turf just completed our Turf installation. The team was very prompt, professional and good at what they do. We absolutely love the results of the turf and look forward to enjoying it. Highly recommend Kile, Wes, and the Team at Apex.

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Avondale Putting Green Questions

Which putting green grass is right for me?

Currently there are 2 types of putting greens on the market in Avondale, AZ textured and sand-filled. A textured putting green is made up of textured turf with about a 3/8” pile height. A sand-filled putting green is a monofilament blade with a 1” pile height. Both putting greens require infill but a sand-filled putting green requires about 9lbs per square foot while a textured putting green only requires 2lbs per square foot. Textured putting greens are suitable for smaller, more casual putting greens. Textured putting greens are extremely low maintenance. If you are a more serious golfer a sand-filled putting green is recommended. While sand-filled putting greens are more difficult to install, they provide flexibility in the speed of the green. Sand-filled putting greens will also bounce better if you are chipping into the putting green area. If you are looking at getting a putting green installed in the backyard of your Arizona house give us a call to determine which is the right type of putting green for you.

How long do putting greens last?

While putting greens in Avondale, AZ are warranted for 15 years like other artificial turf they do require periodic maintenance. The periodic maintenance involved is replacing old, cracked cups, replacing sun-worn flag sticks and re-surfacing of the putting green. For sand-filled putting greens it is natural for some of that sand to get moved around over the course of several years. We recommend resurfacing sand filled putting greens every 3 years.
Textured putting greens do not have the same amount of infill so they do not need resurface but they must be cleaned of debris to provide a smooth surface for the ball to roll on. Resurfacing of a backyard putting green is adding and re-brushing the infill followed by a rolling of the putting green. We use either a riding asphalt roller or a 55 gallon drum roller depending on our access to the putting green.

Is it ok if my dog plays on the putting green?

Many homeowners in Avondale, AZ that are interested in a backyard putting green are also concerned about their dogs playing or urinating on the putting green. While pet turf is antibacterial and antimicrobial a putting green does not have the same benefits. Dogs may also disturb the infill of a sand-filled putting green requiring more frequent maintenance. It is absolutely okay if your dog is on the putting green but try to limit the urination and play time to
other areas of the yard.

How much does a putting green cost?

Depending on the size and type of the putting green homeowners in Avondale are seeing the cost of putting green installations with all materials included for $10-20 per square foot. If you are interested in a backyard putting green of your own give us a call for a free quote

Should I use metal or plastic cups?

Many home owners in Avondale ask if they should be using metal or plastic cups for the putting green holes. While they both have pros and cons we typically recommend aluminum painted cups for your backyard putting green.
Metal cups:
slightly more expensive
gets hotter than plastic cups
will not yellow and crack
Plastic cups:
cheaper, more affordable
stays cooler than metal cups
will crack and yellow in 2-3 years

How do I clean my putting green?

To clean your backyard putting green keep the most important thing to consider is not dispersing the infill. A gentle leaf blower is recommend the clean your putting green if you have debris on it. It is acceptable to use a shop vac to remove debris from inside the putting green cups. You may gently wash your putting green off. We highly discourage the use of pressure washers and vacuums to clean the putting green surface. Using aggressive cleaning methods
may result in the putting green needing to be resurfaced sooner.

What type of maintenance is required for my putting green?

If you have a putting green in Avondale or are looking to install a putting green keep in mind of the maintenance that is required. It is expected that you are to remove debris such as leaves, dirt and branches in a timely manner. Resurfacing the putting green is recommended every 3 years. If you choose to install plastic cups they will also need to be replaced approximately every 3 years.

Can I hose my putting green off?

In the event of a dust storm your backyard putting green may look a little dusty. We recommend using a leaf blower to gently remove any dust followed by a gentle hosing. Some hose attachments have shower or mist settings, these setting may be more suitable to hose your putting green off. In the case of your dog urinating on your putting green it may also be washed off.

Are artificial putting greens similar to real putting greens?

One of the biggest concerns homeowners in Avondale have when installing a putting green is the look and realism of the artificial putting green. While nothing beats the smell of a fresh mowed grass on the golf course we can get close to the look and play of our backyard putting greens. With a sand-filled putting green we have more flexibility in size and speed of the putting green. This means we can use a stamp meter to measure the speed and adjust it accordingly so the golf ball rolls at the same speed of your favorite putting green. As far as bounce goes, we can use the products like pads underneath the putting green to mimic a natural bounce if you are chipping into your backyard putting green. For aesthetics, we always install a fringe around our putting green to make it look as realistic as possible. Putting green installation are an art of their own.
If you are looking for a backyard putting green in Avondale make sure you use a professional and experienced putting green installer.

How do you make a putting green?

If you live in Avondale and are looking to get a putting green installed at your house then you are probably wondering what the process of installing a putting green may look like. At Apex Turf our putting green installations start with a face-to-face consultation. During this meeting we will determine which type of putting green is best suited for you, the size of the putting green and the location. On the day of the install we will start by clearing any grass, plants, weeds or rocks. We need a nice clean layer of dirt for our base material to adhere to. In Avondale, putting green installers typically used decomposed granite, also known as quarter minus for the base material. The base material will be raked, shaped and compacted for the desired shape and undulations of the putting green. At this point we will build our breaks and place our cups based off of the breaks and undulations in the putting green. We use cement to keep our cups in place. After the base is prepped we are ready to start laying the putting green material. We start with the putting green surface and cut and nail that down. After, we install our fringe around the putting green. The last step of installing a backyard putting green is to infill the green and fringe. We need to make several passes and go layer by layer to properly fill a sand filled putting green. The amount of infill and the time spent rolling the green will affect the speed of the putting green. We can tweak this to create a putting green with a speed specified by the home owner. If you are looking for a backyard putting green in Avondale give us a call!If you are looking for a backyard putting green in Avondale make sure you use a professional and experienced putting green installer.

Can I adjust the speed of my putting green?

It is best to tell your putting green installer the desired speed of the putting green during the initial consultation. We may recommend different materials based on your expectations. After a sand filled putting green is installed it is possible to slow down or speed up the putting green with a combination of infill and rolling.

Does apex turf install putting greens in Avondale?

Yes, Apex Turf can meet and exceed your needs for backyard putting green installations in Avondale, AZ and other nearby cities. Apex Turf serves the following Avondale zip codes; 85323, 85329, 85338, 85339, 85340, 85353, and 85392.

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