Can Windows Burn Artificial Grass in Chandler, AZ?


The short answer is yes. If you are thinking about installing artificial grass, pet turf or a synthetic putting green in Arizona then you must consider reflections from glass. Typically reflections that burn and melt artificial grass come from house windows but not limited to light bulbs, car windows, glass art installations and glass fences. The reflections off of glass can get hot enough to burn and melt artificial grass. The time it takes to damage artificial grass may vary, but the hotter it is, the quicker the artificial grass will get damaged. If the reflection is hot enough, artificial grass can be burned within 1-2 days in the Arizona summers. If your windows are casting a reflection onto your artificial grass you can install a solar screen on the window to prevent reflections. Apex Turf refers our customers to for solar screens. ScreenMobile will build the window screens on site with a color of your choosing. Below are picture examples of artificial grass being burned by window reflections. When artificial grass burns the blades get shorter and can even melt together. Discoloration can also occur when artificial grass gets burned by a reflection.